Q: How do I cite a Wikipedia article in MLA style?

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MLA style

Citation in MLA style, as recommended by the Modern Language Association, 8th edition:

  • "Plagiarism." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, 22 July 2004, en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Plagiarism&oldid=5139350. Accessed 10 Aug. 2004.

The eighth edition published in 2016 calls for urls to omit “http://” or “https://”.

Note that MLA style calls for both the date of publication (or its latest update). The "Accessed date" is now optional but could be useful for general readership not familiar with permanent links in Wikipedia (old id).

Be sure to double check the exact syntax your institution requires.

For citation of Wikipedia as a site, use:

  • Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 22 July 2004. Web. 10 Aug. 2004.

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