Q: How do I use Google Scholar to access full text articles?

Go to https://scholar.google.com/

1. Select Menu (icon with three bars).

Select the menu icon

2. Select "Settings".

3. Find the University of St. Thomas to search for full text articles from our databases.

     Step 1: Click "Library links"
     Step 2: Type in "University of St. Thomas" into the search box and click the search icon
     Step 3: Select the options that the arrows are pointing to. This will search over 175 databases the library
     subscribes to and WorldCat, which finds open access (free) articles online. 
     Step 4: Click "Save" to save these settings for your Google account. Make sure you click the 'cookies' link to
     enable cookies, or your settings will not be saved.

4. You can now search for full text articles with Google Scholar. Click on "Get Full Text @ UST" to go to full text articles in our databases.

Full text articles outside of our databases may appear with a [PDF] or [HTML] link to the right of the result. Clicking those links will take you to an outside website. Be critical of these results, and evaluate them thoroughly before using as a source for your research.

Keep this in mind...

Google Scholar is not perfect! It can be a good starting point for your research, we recommend that you do your research from our databases. Library databases offer you more precise search options, such as limiting to peer-reviewed publications, and provide subject-specific collections of scholarly published research. Google Scholar also will not show you all of the full text articles available in our databases, and will also return many articles that are not free to view. 

If you need assistance with using our databases or starting your research, chat with a librarian or schedule an online meeting with us

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