Answered By: Doherty Librarians
Last Updated: May 01, 2017     Views: 49

Our databases will primarily contain secondary sources - things like commentary, criticism, and analysis ,but it really depends on the nature of your research.  For instance, let's say you are researching the history of American psychology and you went to our PsycInfo (psychology) database and got copies of B.F Skinner's pioneering research from the 1950s - that research would be a primary source.  Let's say you are doing research on the savings and loan crisis from the 1980s and you use our Proquest (magazine and newspaper)databases to locate newspaper articles from that time period. Those newspaper articles could be considered primary sources even though they are in a digital format.  

There really is no comprehensive database of primary sources.  JSTOR has sources going back to the 1500s and European Views of the Americas goes back to the 1500s, as well, but again it just depends on the nature of your research. 

Tell us what you are researching specifically and we will better be able to suggest books, databases, and even websites that could serve as primay sources.